Hotel RFID Card Lock         Model #:  9000 - F1 (classic design)

  Hotel RFID Card Lock         Model #:  9000 - F7 (New design for high class hotel)


   COCY Contactless proximity Card Door Lock offers high-quality, durable contactless card lockset with powerful locking management system for various applications, such as holiday village, hotel, office, apartment and residence, cost-effective solution.

    The 9000-F7 & 9000-F1 locks provide all the security of a conventional lockset, comprises with the RFID contactless Card that is equipped with security code to avoid card cloning.

    Adopt proximity Temic Card (125Khz LF) or Mifare 1 Card (13.56Mhz HF) encripted to perform door-unlocking, data encripted in the card is well protected against any unauthorized access. Different levels of access can be assigned, this safety design facilitates the classification of specify status, time and role among the card holders.

    US ANSI 5-latch mortise is remarkable for high anti-counterfeit capability, uncompromising security, and comparatively low cost and ease-to-use, as the doors can be opened with a simple card approaching. It is ideal for hotels, apartments, office buildings, casinos and other controlled physical access control environments.

   Model 9000-F7 is our new design with patent protection and suitable for star hotels.

Finish: Stainess steel / PVC golden coating (9000-F1)
              Satin chrome / PVC golden coating (9000-F7)

- ANSI 5-latch Mortise with deadbolt, offer maximum security and convenience
- Lock reception desk software is compatible with Germany Fidelio Company PMS system
- Adopt Atmel T5557 card or Phillips Mifare 1 card as keycard to ensure security

▲ Wireless system and works standalone, easy installation and maintenance
▲ Perfect keycard management, 14 types function cards under 5 management levels with clear access
▲ User-friendly front desk software is compatible with Windows OS and DLL interface is available
▲ The last 864pcs unlocking records can be stored and tracked in the lock, security warranted
▲ With encoder controlled by software to encode, erase, encrypt and set the RFID cards, each RFID card is programmed with different access and function to the lock; each guest keycard can only access designated room within valid lodging time; lost keycard(s) can be invalidated easily and instantly
▲ Alarm function: long beep alarm will warn the guest or waiter when the latches of the lock is maliciously operated or the door is not closed properly by guest
▲ Reliable micro-CPU system, modularized design, stable running and easy maintenance
▲ Passage mode(always-open)can be set for meeting-room use, no need read card for each opening ▲ Lost keycards can be invalidated instantly
▲ Deadbolt indicating: as deadbolt draw out, LED light will flash in red to show someone in the room, avoid waiter or waitress incautious disturbance
▲ Made of high quality zinc-alloy and stainless steel, mortise has anti-pick latch and hardened deadbolt ▲ Deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by pressing inside handle
▲ Custom keycard printing: Keycard can be printed with hotel logo/name information to enhance image
Uni-Card Solution: the same Mifare keycard can be used to access many facilities like hotel room door lock, swimming pool locker lock, access control, car parking, restaurant consumption and shopping, etc.

Power supply: 4 standard AA alkaline batteries
Working temperature: -10º C ~ + 70º C
Working Humidity: 10% ~ 80%
Static consumption: <15uA
Dynamic consumption: 110mA ~ 180mA
Emergency unlocking:The door can be opened even if the deadbolt works
Battery life:About one year under normal state
Open time:Turning the handle to open the door after reading a valid card only once within 10 seconds, after that the door will be locked again automatically. The buzzer in the lock will beep to warn the user if the door isn't fully closed after opening the door within 15 seconds
Low voltage warning:
When CPU working voltage is less 4.5V, the buzzer will beep for warning and the lock can still be opened dozens of times before the batteries are replaced
Mechanical key override:
The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the opening by the mechanical key in emergency
Installation request:Only to be installed in the wooden door, the default thickness is between 38mm and 55mm, if the door surface is decorated, the distance between the decorative edge and the edge of the door must be over 120mm

- Physical access control
- Corporate security control
- Attendance control
- Hotel security
- Apartment security
- Car parks
- Casinos
- Offices
- Residences

RFID Card Locking System Configuration
1. RFID Card Lock (Temic / Mifare)
2. USB RFID Card Encoder (Temic / Mifare)
3. RFID Card Lock Software (Temic / Mifare)
4. RFID Keycard (Temic / Mifare)
5. Query Card (is used to collect unlocking records from the lock, 2 query cards for one hotel is enough, Mifare System Only)
6. RFID Card-Activated Energy Saver Switch (optional)

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